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Director - Zuzana Bočková Formánková

  • Comunication with parents
  • Leadership english working bloks
  • The leading methodologies for education

Zuzana has extensive experience teaching and working with people.

She graduated from J. A. Komenský University in Prague - specializing in pedagogy and HR management.
Earlier, she graduated from ČVUT in Prague, majoring in English language for teachers and also graduated at the University of Philosophy majoring in history and museology.

Zuzana worked as a director in Charles University in Prague, she head study center for foreigners, she also worked at a secondary school of tourism and Elementary school as a head teacher before.
Teaching, children and loving care is her main focus.
Zuzana has her own 5 year old doughter.

Teacher - Simona Klapková

  • joga for children
  • physical activities, movement and dancing activity
  • teacher with english activities

Simona is a certified yoga instruktor. She loves working with children, she also has her own little doughter Vanessa.
She graduated from J. A. Komenský University in Prague, her focused specialization in HR managament and specializing in pedagogy.
Simona also graduated at Yoga school as a yoga teacher, Yoga is a part of life for her.

Teacher - Dana Hájková

  • preparation of children for admission to primary school
  • logopedy asistant
  • art therapy
  • plays the flue

Dana has been a teacher and governess in kindergardens for more than 35 years.

She graduated from the pedagogical faculty in Charles University in Prague - specializing in pedagogy.
Earlier she graduated from pedagogy school in Soběslav - specializing in pedagogy and psychology for preschool.
Dana is major profesional, working with children is a lifelong mission for her.


Mgr. Zuzana Bočková Formánková director
Phone: +420 775 282 118
Email: info@kidspark.cz

Polská 4
Praha 2 Vinohrady
120 00

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